Knitting in Italy – 8

Hi and welcome! here you can find all the notes relative to the 8th episode of Knitting in Italy, in order of appearance. Sorry for my bad voice but I had a very sore throat…
Next time will be better.

I’m wearing my Soldotna Crop


Petty Harbour Socks


Twists and Turns

You had me at tricot


You can find Claudio on Instagram as Merceria Vintage – if you are visiting Milano it’s a must!

Lollo Crea

Pretty Brioche Thing


Wool It is Out!

You can find it here

Yarn Acquisitions

You can have a look at my projects, queue etc. in my Ravelry Profile

BAS from Lana al Pascolo 

You can find Ivana ad “Lana Arcobaleno di Colori” on facebook and check her schedule!

Knit Club Milano

We meet one Friday per month, check out the Telegram group if you are interested, you ha to look for “Parliamo di Maglia Knitting Club”.

See you next time!

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