Ep 2 – Knitting in Italy

Thank you for the wonderful response on my first episode! Knitting in Intaly is a bit of a spin-off of my “regular” Knitting Podcast, Parliamo di Maglia. Here you can find all my show notes 🙂 I hope this is helpful!

I’m working on my Stephen West Mkal: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/Badialima/shawlography-westknits-mkal-2021

I committed in making 2 (possibly 3) Icelandic sweaters before Christmas! I know, it’s crazy. They are going to be made in lettlopi (one of my favorite yarns) and with patterns by Jennifer Steingass: Fern & Feather, and Arboreal .

You can follow my amazing cousins @delfinapozzoni & @elettrapozzoni

Abilmente is a very important creative fair in Italy, for the first time in Milano, my city.

I was invited by Alice Twain, a very good knitting teacher based in Milano.

I will also go to my first knitting and baking retreat in Trentino, hosted by Mas del Saro and WoolDone .

This time the themed pattern is November Balaclava, but I’m going with a slightly different pattern, also for a balaclava, but a bit more utilitarian for cycling people.

If you want to train your ear to Italian, I recommend the audiobook podcast “Ad Alta Voce“, where you can find a lot of Italian literature read by professional, very good actors.

I also recommend the Tlon youtube channel and podcast.

Thank you so much for sharing with me this moments!


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