Ep 4 – Knitting in Italy

For this episode, I’m coming to you from Valle dei Mocheni, a secluded valley in Trentino Alto Adige where I attended a knitting and sour-dough bread making retreat with Wooldone and Mas del Saro on the first weekend of November 2021.

You can look up my aunt’s Agritur here: Tripala.

I’m in the final steps of my Shawlography.

In the second part of the video I’m wearing my Na Craga by alice Starmore and my Hansel Hap by Gudrun Johnston.

More info in Vea’s woolly project here.

Wovember is an Instagram prompt list that comes out every year. I found so many interesting things via Wovember!

The theme of the knitting retreat was the November Balaclava by Petite Knit, however I choose a different project, the Gussetted Helmet Liner , that I started with some leftover Frangipani Yarn – a lovely British wool.

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Thank you so much for sharing your time with me!

See you soon,


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