Knitting in Italy – ep. 6

The WIP pile

Argil – From PomPom Summer 2019. Check out Campolmi if you are in Florence!

Anker’s Sweater Junior – Petite Knit

Lane Livi does not have a very well established online presence, my suggestion is to check them out in person!

Foliage – Anna Johanna

Craigallian mittens – Kate Davies

Other Stuff

Knit Viktim

Barber Cords – not indispensable but very very useful!

La Cave à Laine bags are amazing!

An Italian Knitter Podcast by Francesca

Wool It Launch and preorders

On July 6th the preorders will be live for a brand new knitting and travel magazine, Wool It, that I’m curating with Giulia Boari from Wool Done.

Check it out if you want to discover a brand new knitting adventure.

Thank you spending your time with me today!


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